5-year-old birthday games: who am I?
5-year-old birthday games: who am I?
Are you organizing a birthday party for a 5-year-old child and are you looking for the entertainment that will set the mood during the party? We present to you the game Who am I! This round game is easy to make and fun, children will love playing it! You can play it several times during the party to make the fun last!

- Let's make a round and sit cross-legged. You will have to try to guess who I am. I think of a character without telling anyone. And you have to try to guess who it is by asking me questions whose answers can only be YES or NO. He who finds replaces me. Are you ready ?

— Yeaaaah.

- I am ready. Go for it.

"Is it a girl?" A cartoon character? A singer ? Is she nice? Is she beautiful?...

Be careful, sometimes children don't dare to ask questions. they can be very shy around their peers so don't be afraid to ask questions!

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