Why My Little Day? To make people dream, to make them beautiful, for fun and for the party. And for your feedback, since the beginning (2010), which leads us to believe that we are useful. 

How do we make things evolve? How do you transform an e-commerce site? How do we make it consistent with our values, our requirements, our desire for change?

Our goals are crazy and simple at the same time, they respond to our aspirations, to what we believe to be essential. And this is how we imagine things: 

Make My Little Day gender-neutral
Not the site but its categories. Why isn't that the case today? Because in order to exist, Google has to find us. And Google only finds answers to queries, which explains the existence of “girl” and “boy” entries on the site. Because these are very popular requests. We have designed a new menu where the “girl” and “boy” starters will become more and more discreet until one day they will completely disappear. 

Make My Little Day inclusive
Starting with creating more diversity in our designs. Because it's obviously much easier to start with us. So our "fairy" plates are a meeting of fairies and fetauds of all skin colors. Even though everyone knows that fairies have more power than fetlocks! Soon the mermaid and the triton, the superhero and the superheroine...

Make My Little Day exemplary
The production of My Little Day products is exclusively made in Europe, thus significantly reducing our carbon footprint. Our tableware is made from paper sourced from responsibly managed forests. The inks are vegetable, the plastic layer of the plates and cups has been replaced by a vegetable lacquer. The packaging of the napkins is made of wood plastic, an amazing and little used material. Our balloons are also made in Europe from natural latex. We have developed small gifts without packaging, our small notebooks and ephemeral tattoos are zero plastic beyond being made in the EU. Our pointed hats are made from recycled paper and our candles are handmade.

Make My Little Day super UX friendly
It's a continuous process. The site evolves every day. It grows and adapts to new ways of buying, to the depth of the range, to technical innovations. Soon, payment in 3 installments. Soon a larger loyalty program. Very soon, advice will be highlighted and featured on the site. Soon, an interactive map with the list of points of sale that distribute our products...

The list of our desires:
- Succeed in packaging our products without plastic. 
- Source only suppliers whose approach is responsible. 
- Conduct an audit of our carbon footprint.
- Compensate our site and shipments.
- Get audited by B-Corp
- Update this page as progress is made!