After relocating our productions in Europe (2020), after creating a department of eco-responsible products (2020) and set up a "commitment" filter (2021), in 2022, we are pushing our commitment by planting trees

Thanks to you and with you, we plant trees with Tree nation. Who is Tree Nation? What's this ? Tree Nation is a non-profit organization that allows citizens and businesses to plant trees around the world and offset their CO2 emissions. For each order over 30 euros a tree is planted. 

This is your tree. All these trees placed end to end will create our forest. In short, it's going to be beautiful, it's going to be big, it's going to be crazy! Already thousands of trees planted since our commitment. 

Next, what is it? A offsetting carbon emissions from our website, advice on how to reuse our products. In short, we'll talk about it again!