How can we include My Little Day in a sustainable approach when by definition we offer the ephemeral?

For 12 years our mission has been to make people dream, help create a moment, a memory, make it beautiful and have a party! For 12 years, your feedback has confirmed our belief that our mission is useful! However, it is obvious for us to assume our share of eco-responsibility. 

In this sense, we took thecommitment to minimize the impact of our activity on the environment as much as possible by limiting our carbon footprint and our use of plastic. Lately we had a big victory, the most important in our opinion: My Little Day products are produced exclusively in Europe significantly reducing our carbon footprint.

We have also succeeded in having our products made with environmentally friendly materials: our tableware is made from paper from wood from responsibly managed forests. The inks are vegetable, the plastic layer of the plates and cups has been replaced by a vegetable lacquer, the packaging of the napkins is made of wood plastic (surprising and little exploited material). 

Our balloons are also made in Europe. They are made of natural latex and the inks used for their coloring and printing are water-based and mineral pigments. They are therefore biodegradable, the earth absorbs them like oak leaves. We have developed small gifts without packaging, our small notebooks and ephemeral tattoos are zero plastic beyond being made in the EU. Our pointy hats are printed with vegetable ink on recycled paper and our candles are handmade near Madrid.

Regarding the different brands we distribute, we are constantly looking for new, more responsible ones. We have introduced brands that are resolutely committed to an eco-responsible approach. From the biodegradable plate to the edible spoon to the Made in France cardboard toy. We are also purifying our offer, instead of accumulating all the variants of the same proposal, we make choices guided by the imprint of the product, thus creating a more restricted but more specialized offer.

We are proud to have an eco-responsible section more and more provided, a selection of products that allows you to have a party that is both beautiful and responsible. To push our approach and guarantee its transparency, we have set up filters indicating the ecological advantages of each product: Biodegradable (which deteriorates naturally without any effect on the environment), responsible (which has a committed approach), Made in Europe and Made in France.

All this is the culmination of long-term work that is not finished, we continue to seek solutions for an ever more responsible offer. And we hope you like it all!