At the start (2010), there are two mothers as there are many. Two mothers who run, who run, always with a watch in their hand and this heady music: “late, late...”. And now is the big day, the birthday of the youngest. Eight of her boyfriends, real little angels, are coming to spend the afternoon at the house. Despite the accumulated delay, there is no question of giving in to the easy way, of running to buy the “spider” or “kitty” kit. No question either of spending more or of doing 10 shops. No question because not the time, not the energy, not the ideas and not the finances. Tired of running, Gabriella Toscan du Plantier and Dorothée Monestier decided to create My Little Day in 2010 and to make this special day one of the most beautiful days of the year. One of the most relaxed too!

The portrait of Dorothée and Gabriella by the talented Iris De Moüy

My Little Day is the secret weapon for busy parents. My Little Day is a real toolkit full of ideas to make a party unforgettable. My Little Day offers an offer with impeccable taste, a selection thought out and organized intelligently. My Little Day is the friend you can count on: generous, cool, inspiring, and always the perfect company for partying.

My Little Day kids