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To organize a child's birthday or an adult's birthday, you must above all want to party. When the desire is obvious, all you have to do is choose your birthday decoration, make your guest list, opt or not for a fancy dress party and therefore a birthday theme! For the birthday decoration, there are essentials! One of them is the balloons. Because a birthday party without a balloon isn't really a birthday. The favorite activity of children's birthday parties is undoubtedly the pinatas. And of course, impossible to imagine a birthday without birthday candle and birthday invitation!


What essentials for a child's birthday?

In the essentials, we ask for the birthday balloon. Of all shapes, sizes, and colors they are made and forged for the party. Nothing is more festive than a multicolored balloon arch. Nothing is more descriptive than a number balloon announcing the age of the person being celebrated. Then there is the birthday candle without which it is not possible to blow out your candle! There are all shapes and colors, which simplifies things when you have a specific birthday theme! The children's favorite activity is the now famous pinata, it also also adapts to the birthday theme. So for a unicorn birthday, prefer a unicorn pinata to a dinosaur pinata! And the last essential: the birthday invite boy and girl birthday invitation! How to have a party without guests? Well it's impossible

How to make a birthday decoration?

With a little imagination and a lot of determination, you can create a dream birthday decoration for a child's birthday or an adult birthday with little means. Transform your living room into a real tropical jungle with pre-cut paper tropical leaves. Make a colored ceiling with honeycomb balls or lanterns. Create a photobooth worthy of the Isable Marant show with silver mylar curtains. In short, let your imagination run wild! Make a balloon ceiling using a helium tank or a balloon arch with a bit of breath and dexterity.