What does it mean for us to produce in Europe? 
It means a lot! It means above all: being in tune with our convictions, lowering our carbon footprint and having responsible production. 
Producing in France and in Europe, particularly for our type of products, involves a lot of technical and financial constraints. We have chosen to keep this commitment. It is not without consequences, it involves adapting our designs, simplifying our packaging and reducing our margins. Keeping this commitment also means that certain products cannot be produced by us until a European solution is found. The most complex product to manufacture today in Europe is the pinata because its production requires two hours of manual work and therefore its cost is higher than a pinata made in China.  
The production of My Little Day products is exclusively made in Europe, thus significantly reducing our carbon footprint.
Our tableware is made from paper sourced from responsibly managed European forests. 
Our balloons (in natural latex) are also made in Europe.
To be able to find you there, we have created Made in Europe and Made in France filters and show logos on the product sheets and on the photos of the products to indicate their origin when it is European.