Organize a birthday, it's good... but with birthday games, it's even better ! Yes, because the birthday decoration is not enough to make the birthday memorable (it helps a lot, but hey)! Birthday games are a way to bring children together, make them work as a team and punctuate the afternoon between two pieces of birthday cake. However, it's not easy to know what birthday entertainment to do for little 6-year-olds! Especially since they're going to need a bunch of them to satisfy them... Don't panic, we've prepared a special selection of games for you, suitable for 6-year-olds (yes, it's not just toddlers who like that !). You will be able to find the rules of the great classics like rock, paper, scissors, revisited classics like the musical colin maillard and even discover new birthday games like the killer. So get ready for hours of laughter, joy for a 6 years anniversary memorable. Let the birthday game begin!