It's the end of the year holiday season. December 31 is fast approaching! Who says New Year's Eve, says New Year's Eve. Preparing for this evening often requires a lot of organization. You have to think about the guests, the snacks, the decor, the music, the entertainment... In short, it's a complex affair. To help you out a bit and guarantee you a great atmosphere, My Little Day, party specialist, has prepared a few ideas for the New Year. Since music is of paramount importance, we have concocted a crazy playlist that you can find on Spotify or Deezer. Then, as the decoration is a bit the basis of an evening, we suggest you customize bottles of champagne to give them a festive look! This is just a preview of what you will find on our blog. If you want to complete your party decoration, don't hesitate to see our New Year's collection. You will find accessories, balloons, confetti, pointed hats... In short, the total!