Free playlist idea to listen to on New Year's Eve
Free playlist idea to listen to on New Year's Eve
Who says New Year, says music! Yes, because it seems obvious that we want to spend the last moments of the year letting off steam on the dance floor, tossing our hair in all directions and ending up with sore feet! So, to be able to party until next year, we've concocted a free playlist that won't let you breathe!

Alright, the guests are coming., let's kick off the party with: 

- Happy, by Pharell Williams 

We start the serious things, we put : 

- Don't stop the music, by Rihanna

Oh, are there still people sitting? We have to change that! Let's go for : 

- Macarena, from Los del Mar 

That's it, everyone is up! We continue with: 

- YMCA, from Village People 

We take a dance break, we shout about: 

- I wanna dance with somebody, by Whitney Houston 

We slow down the pace, maybe it's time for a little slow, let's go for: 

- Despacito by Luis Fonsi 

No party without a classic, then run: 

- Alexandria, Alexandra, by Claude François 

And now that everyone's tired, we end with: 

- Unforgettable, by French Montana 

However, this is only a small preview! So, if we've convinced you, find the entire playlist on Spotify ou Deezer

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