There you go, the year is over, it's time to turn the page and start a new chapter! And of course, to get it off to a good start, we're having a great evening of New Year ! The friends are present, the decor is ready, the food is in the fridge... but don't forget the entertainment for a hellish evening! How about a great New Year's quiz? Whether between adults, to test everyone's knowledge during the aperitif, or to calm the children while waiting for midnight, this is the perfect activity! You are already given a few questions to make your task easier, but you can of course add, delete or change them depending on the age of the participants. To complicate this event, create two teams, the first to ring the buzzer wins a point / a candy.

    You've put the cocktail sausages in the oven, the kids are already wild... It's time to start the quiz! Ask everyone to come together and sit down. If there are a lot of people, make teams and ask them to choose a team name: Les Implacables, Chicago Boules, Les Éclairs de Génies, Les LiverCool... (in short, whatever you want)! And when everyone is ready, let's go!

    1. Which is the first country in the world to celebrate the New Year?
    Christmas Island (Kiribati)

    2. When does China celebrate the New Year?
    December 31, of course.
    June 1
    Between January 21 and February 20, depending on the situation of the Moon

    3. Traditionally, what are fireworks used for?
    Encourage people to come together to remember the past year
    Frighten and drive away evil forces
    Represent a year that will be colorful and magical

    4. Which country invented fireworks?
    The France

    5. In what year did the first New Year's Eve party in Times Square take place?

    6. What happens there at midnight?
    A metal ball suspended in the middle of the square falls to the ground
    There are fireworks
    We all sing together

    7. Traditionally in Spain, how many grapes do you have to eat while the bell rings to ensure good luck during the year?

    8. In Italy, what do people eat to guarantee luck?
    Christmas cake leftovers

    9. In Denmark, what do people do with their plates on New Year's Eve?
    They paint them with pictures from the past year
    They use them to eat, of course
    They smash them against a door

    10. What does this symbolize?
    The wealth
    The health

    11. What is the name of the Scottish song sung at midnight in England?
    God save the queen
    Auld Lang Syne
    We wish you to Merry Christmas

    12. What do we do when we sing this song?
    We applaud slowly
    We Dance
    We cross our hands with the person next to us to form a circle

    13. In Japan, how many strokes of the gong are given to announce the transition to the new year and drive away all the sins of the year that is ending?

    14. What do we do for New Year in New Zealand?
    We watch TV as a family
    We throw balloons
    We take to the streets and bang pots against each other as hard as we can

    15. In Estonia, how many meals are cooked to ensure that food will be plentiful throughout the coming year?

    16. In Brazil, what do we do to celebrate the New Year?
    You eat grapes while keeping a coin in your hand
    We throw water through the windows to avoid drought
    We jump over a wave seven times while making a wish

    17. In Russia, what do you do at the stroke of midnight?
    We shake hands
    We open the door or the window
    We dance to chase away evil spirits 

    18. What do you do in Scotland when the clock strikes 12?
    We play bagpipes
    We do the "First Footing" (the 1st person who crosses the threshold of the house determines the luck of the family for the whole year, but be careful: always with the right foot and never empty-handed!)
    We sing Auld Lang Syne like the English

    19. What do Norwegians usually do for New Year's Eve?
    They avoid metal
    They hide an almond in the rice pudding (the person who finds it will be lucky all year round)
    They put their finest jewels on a plate to ensure prosperity 

    20. What is the New Year tradition in Peru?
    They will knock on all the neighboring doors to wish a happy new year
    They eat a lot
    They hit the streets, put on boxing gloves and settle their differences 

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