12 years ago, Dorothée and Gabriella embarked on the crazy adventure of birthday parties. Art history graduates, working in decoration and contemporary art, they created My Little Day with three ideas in mind: to be of service, to offer the most beautiful and to create unforgettable memories. Thus was born an exhaustive online store looking like a magazine, parents found everything they needed and more: ideas, entertainment advice, inspiration. The irreverent, glam and rock universe is essential, the decoration, the disguises and the cakes set the tone, the party will be impeccable on arrival and very offbeat on departure. Because partying is above all the fierce desire to be together. 

Today My Little Day has not aged a bit, ever sharper, ever more comprehensive. Fashions have changed, Kitty has given way to the unicorn, superheroes are still super and animals are one hell of a lot. The entertainment and party ideas have multiplied, the selection too, but the idea is always the same: to be the secret weapon of overwhelmed parents, to be the toolkit that makes memories: Easter, Halloween, Advent , Christmas... Adults have gotten caught up in the game, and all occasions are now good for playing and decorating: bachelor parties, weddings, baby showers and other family celebrations can no longer be done without a bunch of balloons, a surprise, a little attention. Because there can never be too many parties. And party is life.

My Little Day advocates lightness and wonder. But it's sustainability, which for several years has become our common thread, our questions about the planet and its inhabitants guide all our choices. Our decisions are taken with the aim of reducing our carbon footprint, the products in our collections are now all made responsibly in Europe (paper made from wood from responsibly managed forests, vegetable-based inks, the plastic coating of plates and cups has been replaced by a vegetable lacquer, the packaging of the napkins is made of wood plastic).

On the creation side, we draw characters so that no child feels excluded, we organize the themes so that all the children can identify with them.

In short, My Little Day, he is the friend you can count on : generous, cool, responsible, inspiring and always the perfect party company.