Colin maillard musical game rules for children 4 years old: birthday animation
Colin maillard musical game rules for children 4 years old: birthday animation


Colin Maillard has always existed: we played it in the playground, at home... And we all loved playing it! It requires almost nothing, and that makes it a flagship birthday entertainment, to entertain all children from 4 years old. Just add some Music courses so that it is immediately the party! Feel free to make it last for 3 or 4 songs, or 10 to 15 minutes.

- We will now play Colin Maillard. I'm going to blindfold one of you with this scarf, he'll be the wolf. I'll put on some music. The others, the little mice, will dance around him. It is forbidden to move away, but you must avoid being touched. When the music stops everyone turns into a statue. The wolf must then find someone and try to recognize them by touching their face. If he is recognized, he will become a wolf in turn. Are you ready?

- Yeaaaah!!

- So, everyone stand up. Adrien, come closer to me, I'll blindfold you. I make you turn on yourself (a little bit) so that you are a little lost! Let's call music: "music, music, music"! The little mice are asked to dance around Adrien!!

During the game, you will have to help the wolf to catch a mouse (he is not able, blindfolded, to move forward alone) and help him recognize his catch! With each new round, we can change the song! And we can do it as long as they want more! They all like the idea of ​​being blindfolded and having to find a boyfriend.

Children often remove the scarf immediately after catching prey.

And that's it, it's as simple as that! Now you know what a mix between a birthday entertainment essential and a musical game who is mind-blowing! The kids will love it and it will whet their appetite for the birthday cake

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