6-year-old birthday games: in my house underground
6-year-old birthday games: in my house underground


If you are looking for an original and fun activity to liven up your child's birthday 6 years, then look no further than "In my house underground". This birthday game captivating will allow children to be creative while having fun. We'll explain (or re-explain) the rules of the game, give you tips for maximizing kids' fun, and show you how to make this activity one of the most memorable moments of your child's birthday. So, if you want to organize an unforgettable birthday party, it's here!

Before blowing out the birthday candles, there's nothing like making a birthday activity ! So, forward!

- We remain seated, but we change the game. Turn your palms to the sky. Keeping your palms up, put your right hand on your neighbor's left palm. With my right hand, I clap my neighbor's right hand, when his hand has been clapped, his hand can clap his neighbor's hand and so on. Kindly hit of course. We are going to practice. Are you ready ? At 3, I start: 1, 2, 3!

- Now I'll teach you the song. “In my house underground, omawé omawé, tao tao marmoset, tao tao marmoset, 1, 2, 3.” We will sing the song and at the same time clap our hands as we have learned. At the end of the song (the 1, 2, 3), the last one who gets his hand touched is eliminated. But if the last person removes his hand before getting hit, it is the one who hit the void who is eliminated. Let's go ! At 3, I start: "In my house underground..." Émile, you're out! You should have taken your hand away! Lou, at 3, you start.

And so on until the last. This game always requires adjustments, some know how to play it, others don't. They love to learn it and play it. Repeat the exercise until it is almost fluid. The eliminated can be grouped in the center of the round and sing with the others.

It is one of 6 year old birthday games that we never get tired of! 

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