Game pigeon flies children's birthday animation 7 years
Game pigeon flies children's birthday animation 7 years


Coordination and concentration for the game pigeon flies! It shouldn't scare them, they're 7 years old. It's a birthday games idea perfect that will keep them busy for a while! Of course, if you do a dino birthday, take out your cards and to start the game, only give them dino names!

Everybody is here ! Let them play together a bit to get comfortable and break the ice between them. Then it's off to thebirthday entertainment

- I would like you to sit on the ground cross-legged in front of me. I will teach you how to play “pigeon flies”. I will raise my index finger (show the gesture to the children) and say a word associated with the verb “steal”. For example, I raise my index finger and I say: "toucan flies", "eagle flies", "canary flies"... If the stated subject actually flies, you too must raise your index finger. If he's not flying, you mustn't move. If you raise your index finger while I just said "pig flies", you will be eliminated! The winner is the last remaining player, he will replace me. It's understood ?

- Yes!

It is obviously necessary to state the subjects very quickly to mislead the players. However, don't be too hard, you can give them several chances before eliminating them.

To make things easier, make teams! At the end, you can reward them with sweets! Pigeon flies will be their new birthday game favourite!

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