Arabic phone children's birthday games from 5 years old
Arabic phone children's birthday games from 5 years old
If we play Arab Phone for so long during children's birthdays, there is a good reason! And the reason is that this game is great! Super simple, super effective and super funny! Children can play it from 5 years old.

- We're going to go around again and sit cross-legged. 1, 2, 3, everyone down! We are going to play “Arabic telephone”.

— Oooooohhh.

— I am going to whisper in my neighbor's ear a sentence that he must whisper in his neighbor's ear. And so on until the sentence is whispered in the ear of the last player. The last player must then say out loud the sentence he heard. I will then tell you what the original sentence was and we will see how much the sentence was transformed during the "Arabic telephone". Are you ready ?

— Yeaaaaaah.

— Repeat to your neighbor what you heard in a whisper! Let's go.

— Whispering: "Today, for Felix's birthday, I put on my pink dress, my white shoes and my princess crown."

For each new round, you can designate a new game master.

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