Postman game for a 4-year anniversary event
Postman game for a 4-year anniversary event
The star of the playgrounds: THE POSTMAN!!! This round game is a great classic and is perfect for a birthday, from 4 years old. A bit like one, two, three, sun, you have to customize it so that the children ask for more again and again. Feel free to adapt the voices to the birthday theme.

- We will make a round and sit cross-legged. 1, 2, 3, everyone down! Do you all know the postman's song? We repeat to be sure: "The postman hasn't come through, he will never come through." Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday. I'm going to appoint a postman. Adrien, here is the letter (it's the scarf) to put behind the back of the one who sings the best, before the end of the song. Whoever has the letter will have to catch Adrien as he runs around the circle. Adrian, are you ready?

— Yeah.

— So at 3, you close your eyes and start singing. 1, 2, 3: “the postman did not come through, …”

"The postman came!" Jules, look behind you, the letter is for you, you have to catch up with Adrien.

— Adrien, run and quickly sit down in Jules' place. We encourage them, “go Jules”…

- It was not bad but a little easy! To make matters worse, we're going to change voices. If we took a duck voice. Can you talk like a duck? Just pinch your nose. Jules, don't forget to put the letter behind the back of the one who sings the best like a duck! We close our eyes: 1, 2, 3: "the postman hasn't come..."

Change your voice every turn, kids love it! They can imitate the voice of a princess, a robot, an ogre, a mouse, a singer. Have them repeat the voice before each round.

Show them how to do these voices by setting the tone, it's sure to make them laugh and they'll imitate the voices even better!

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