8-year-old birthday party team game idea: great choreography
8-year-old birthday party team game idea: great choreography
Are you organizing a birthday and you lack inspiration for the animation? We offer you a great choreography! This team game will be perfect for entertaining older children (from 8 years old), for a good part of the afternoon! It's a birthday activity that requires almost nothing: choose a song with the children and then help them practice it. If there are two of you to have them rehearse, one per team is better! Laughter guaranteed!

— You will now take on a new challenge. I will take care of Margaux's team and Salomé (the person who assists you) will take care of Jules' team. Each team chooses a song and in the space of ten minutes tries to prepare a choreography. Do you know what choreography is?

- Nonnnn! Yesiiiiii!

“That means you're going to memorize dance moves so you can do them all together and at the same time. You will see, it is very simple. Let's go ?

— Yeaaaaaah.

— Margaux's team is ready! I would like Jules' team to sit down and applaud Margaux's team. We call the music: “the music, the music, the music”!!

— Bravooooooo!!

— Now it's up to Jules's team! We applaud them!

— Bravooooooo!!

Make them do very simple movements. If it doesn't last the whole song, obviously that's okay. When they dance in front of their friends, stand in front of them and dance with them so that they imitate you.

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