Tips for 5 year old birthday games
Tips for 5 year old birthday games
For a party with friends for your children or for a child's birthday, you will surely organize games and activities to do as a team. That's why we've prepared our top tips for building teams.

To make a team game, you need teams. And, to have teams, you have to build them. And, to constitute them, there is a method. It takes a good 10 minutes to do things right!

— We will form two teams. Everyone against the wall. Felix, you are my first team leader. Come next to me. I would like you to choose the leader of the other team. He won't be on your team!

- Joan!

— So, Jeanne, you're team leader. Félix and Jeanne will call you one after the other and you will line up behind your leader!

— Now that the teams are formed, I would like each team to sit on one side of the room in a line facing each other. You will now search for a team name. For example, Felix's team, could you call yourselves the "champions" or the "tigers"?

"Now that you have a name, you need a battle cry!" You can put your hands on top of each other and yell "1,2,3, long live the champions!" The goal is to impress the opposing team!

— What does Jules's team look like?

— “1,2,3, long live the champions! »

— The opposing team says: “ouououououou”!!!

- We start again, "1,2,3, long live the champions"!

- Cheer ! To the other team!!!

At each stage of the formation of the teams, the children must be helped so that they come up with a name and a battle cry. If you are an adult in a team, it's obviously easier, but alone, it's doable!

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