Animation game birthday child 8 years blind test
Animation game birthday child 8 years blind test


Le blind tests is a must for birthday entertainment! This is a perfect musical game to test the musical knowledge of children. We will have to call on his memory and show the extent of his musical culture. With this game you can be sure they will have fun!

To make a blind tests, it takes two teams and kids love team games! Ideally you can give team names to create more cohesion and add a hint of competition! Don't hesitate to prank children by adding songs from the cartoons they loved when they were little to the playlist...  

- Each of the teams will come next to me. I'll put on some music. The first team to find the name of the song or its performer wins a point. I'm going to put a dozen songs. Are you ready ?

- Yeaaaah.

- Let's go !

If you lack inspiration, you can use (among others):
- Our Moana playlist (perfect for a Disney blind test during princess or Moana birthdays), on Deezer ou Spotify.
- Our 80's Fever playlist (perfect for an 80s blind test during a pajama party, a wedding or an EVJF), on Deezer ou Spotify.
- Our Safari playlist (perfect for a safari birthday or for Lion King fans), on Deezer ou Spotify.
- Our Pajama Party playlist (also perfect for a birthday, a wedding or an EVJF), on Deezer et Spotify

You can also offer a small prize for the winning team (or everyone) at the end of the game! For example, you can offer cheap little gifts ou candy ! Something to motivate them even more! 

Ideally, do the activity before the birthday cake… This will allow them to get together and calm down a little before, and you can launch the famous song “Happy Birthday” live! 

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