4-year-old birthday activity ideas: musical chairs
4-year-old birthday activity ideas: musical chairs


Musical chairs is no longer a game to be presented, it is a musical game classic! Easy to make and play, it's a must-have for a birthday, wedding or any other occasion. It will be perfect as a birthday party to occupy the little ones (from 4 years old), but also the grown-ups! So, we warm up our calves and forward music !

"Let's walk around holding hands." Now, let's drop our hands. There are 8 of us and I will put 7 paper napkins in front of you (install the napkins by unfolding them).

— Ooooohhhhhhh!!!!

— We are going to call the music. When the music starts, you'll spin around the napkin ring. When the music goes off, you have to sit on a towel. Whoever is not sitting on a towel goes to the center of the circle.

"Are you ready?"

- Ouiiiiiiiiii!

- So here we go: "music, music, music." (Encourage children to dance as they walk, and stop the music.)

- Ooooohhh, Paulo, you're eliminated, you can go to the center and encourage your friends!

With each new round, remove a towel and help them encourage each other. You can make them do simple gestures like clapping or saying goodbye. When there are too many children in the center of the round, ask the eliminated ones to make a round around those who continue the musical chairs.

If you have chairs, obviously that works too!

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