Idea for children's birthday games of all ages: musical gift
Idea for children's birthday games of all ages: musical gift


Musical chairs is a musical game that it is no longer useful to present. It has made its place in the party scene and everyone loves to play it. However, we have decided to offer you a variant of this game to spice things up: the musical gift! The prize they will win is the secret and changes the whole dimension of the game! It can be played at any age (although ideal from 4 years old) and you can make it last as long as you want. Of course, we give you the rules of the game if you have any doubts! Let's go for the most fun of music games!

The birthday is in full swing, the children are overexcited and you are starting to lose your breath... It's time for a musical game to calm everyone down!

- Everybody stand up. Let's go around and sit down. Do you know what a dazed person is? I think I was a little head in the air this morning. I wrapped a small gift, but I have no recollection of how many layers of paper I used. You want to give me your opinion. Attention, we do not open it!

- There are at least 100 layers of paper!

- I suggest you check it out. We are going to call the music and pass the gift from hand to hand, very quickly, as if it were a "hot potato". When the music stops, whoever has the gift in their hands can remove a layer of paper. Are you ready ?

- Yeaaah!!

- Let's call the music: "music, music, music"!

With each new turn, change the song. For the 1st round, just pass the gift from hand to hand. The children often forget to give it… For the 2nd round, ask them to pass the gift and imitate your movements. Do simple moves like clapping, saying goodbye, rolling your arms, slapping your legs… And turn off the music. For the 3rd lap, you can all stand up and do movements like jumping, driving a car, doing the plane, lifting one leg then the other… For the last lap, the ideal is that the music turns off on the child who celebrates his birthday.

If the children are tall and skillful, do the standing movements from the 1st round. Do not hesitate to remind them to give the gift to their neighbor and to suggest to wake them up that the gift will be for you.

Remind them not to throw the gift! 

You can make the game last as long as you want. It is one of music games which children like the most! And if you wish to find another birthday games idea for an atmosphere of hell… We have others in store on our blog!

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