Gourmet recipe idea for baby shower: carambar cake
Gourmet recipe idea for baby shower: carambar cake


You organize a baby shower for yourself or a loved one? So, don't forget something to snack on! Yes, pregnancy cravings (or gourmets) will be waiting for the buffet with a firm footing! So we thought ahead and found a great simple recipe idea to delight all stomachs! Like chocolate, it's seen and reviewed, we offer you a tutorial to cook a great carambar cake! What to impress everyone and delight taste buds and stomachs! And the advantage? In fact, you can taste it at any time: during a anniversary., from pyjama party, or a Netflix party!

    1. Preheat the oven to 180°C and butter your cake tin (this is the thing we don't like to do so at least you'll be rid of it).

    2. Open your 20 carambars (it's the longest) and don't spend too much time on the jokes, (SPOILER ALERT: they suck). 

    3. Melt your carambars over medium heat in the milk and butter. Enjoy the smell of caramel that will embalm your kitchen.

    4. While it's melting, mix your eggs, flour, sugar and yeast until you get a smooth batter. Pour in your melted carambars and mix.

    5. Pour everything into the buttered cake tin and bake for 35 to 45 minutes (depending on the power of your oven, not everyone has Bree Van de Kamp's cooking). While it cooks, you have the right to lick the preparation dish. We won't tell anyone!

    DING! It's cooked !! You can be proud of yourself, that's a great cake you made there! This recipe idea is perfect for any occasion, for example: 

    - For a child's birthday: children love anything sweet! 

    - For a baby shower (aka the baby shower): it's the perfect baby shower idea, because you know what they say: pregnancy cravings are not to be neglected and expectant mothers are queens! 

    - A gender reveal: if this will delight all gourmets, it's a recipe that can help to put a flea in the ear of your guests... According to the sayings: sweet is suitable for little girls! 

    WOW effect guaranteed! And it's not over... At My Little Day, we are fond of cooking (we missed no season of Top Chef!) and we've brought together lots ofrecipe ideas in a special section of our blog ! Yes, we are not going with the back of the spoon! 

    Feel free to take a picture and tag us on Instagram if you realized this simple recipe idea (or let us know if you have others in mind!). 

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