How to organize a welcome baby party?
How to organize a welcome baby party?


Didn't have a baby shower before the baby arrived? Don't panic, it's not too late! You can always organize a Welcome Baby Party (aka the birth party) to celebrate the arrival of the little one! If you are a novice and you do not know how to go about it, we offer you a whole retroplanning! With this, parents will be delighted!

Countdown - Welcome Baby party

The Welcome Baby Party (aka the baby shower), this is the continuation of the baby shower !! It's almost all the same, except it's after birth... So it has nothing to do, actually...  

1 - We know the sex of the baby.

2 - We know the baby's first name.

3 - In short, we know his baby.

4 - We gave birth so we have a golden story to tell.

5 - If we are not traumatized, we are exhausted.

6 - The baby is born so we don't sleep anymore or very little.

7 - Depending on the date of the party and how familiar you are with breastfeeding: you can drink (and the idea of ​​having a party without drinking made me depressed).

8 - No one to help since I gave birth, well, I exaggerate, there is my mother and my lover too.

9 - I do this during my mat leave because afterwards well, it will be afterwards.

10 - And then the idea is still to present a baby.

In short, the birth party, it's the warriors baby shower.

J-30 - I set a date. In the process, I make the guest list! Brothers, cousins, friends, neighbours, great-aunt Simone, your kindergarten teacher, it's up to you! Good just so that you are aware of what is going to happen: the more people there are, the less you will see anyone, the more noise there will be. All that, all that. Just to say…

J-29 - I throw a Save The Date that I do everything myself. Well yes, I'm bored, my baby is only sleeping and I have hours in front of me to spend on Photoshop. The occasion is too good to show my talents as an upset graphic designer. I collect photos of my pregnancy, those of my baby, I photomontage, I compile and I balance. That way, it looks easy, not counting the hours I spend selecting images, compared to the beauty of my baby and the thousands of photos I've taken.

J-28 - I think this idea of ​​Welcome Baby Party is a genius idea. It'll be great. And like that, I will see all my girlfriends, family… at once! It will be exhausting, but it will be exhausting once.

J-27 - I'm starting to mentalize the party. The theme, the party decor, the color, the buffet...

J-25 - I opted for something simple: disco balls, sequined leggings. Oops, I just gave birth, I no longer fit into my leggings. Ah and it's not a party, it's a Welcome Baby Party for my baby. Oops again! I start thinking again. I do this in masked time of course, like during the bottle / feeding. What would she do, Kate?

J-20 - I have chosen. I figured Kate would take the liberty option. And then I said to myself that Kate was British, but that I am basically Meghan. So I'm going to take the flowers option, but not very small ones: very big and very colorful ones! Yes, because my baby is a girl and it's spring. The stuff is thoughtful. If it had been winter, I would definitely have opted for gold stars. From what I can see of the topic on Pinterest, I'm pretty predictable.

J-18 - I spent hours on the Internet. Finally as much as possible. There are so-called traditional activities, several. I chose to do some. Not all. I place my order online: a pennant garland, balloons and letter balloons, disposable tableware, and confetti. But what did we do before?

J-15 - I received my order. I begin to prepare what is ready. In hidden time always. I print what needs to be printed, cut what needs to be cut. You understood.

J-7 - I raise everyone. That is to say that there are some in whom I have more or less confidence. I photoshop pictures of me baby. I could add some of my lover. But in fact no, just me, it will be fine like that. I love myself right now. There are things that cannot be explained.

J-5 - I decide to install my party decoration. Well yes, I'm home 24 hours a day. There are advantages and disadvantages. In this specific case, we will consider that it is an advantage.

J-5 always – I realize that there is not much I can do in advance. That's the downside of having opted for a flowery theme. I cut my garlands to collect the flowers. It will always get me a little ahead. I cut the circles of paper for my souvenir workshop, I prepare my jar, leaves for my wishes activity. I put a whole bunch of pictures of my husband and I when we were babies on the door.

J-1 - Well, that's it, I can install everything. I am thoroughly. I haven't seen anyone all week. And I dream of a drink. Or two. I'll start by going to buy the flowers. Did I tell you that my daughter's name is Marguerite? I'm working on my flower walls. It's amazing!

J-1 always - I prepare my cocktail bases (I only do fruit-based stuff: Bellini, Danieli… I think I want a weekend in Venice). I prepare my little pots (you will understand tomorrow). I make my Carambars cake batter (absolute killer). You say to yourself: "but how does she find the time to do all that?!" It's very simple, I have a wonderful mother and therefore, I don't have a child for 24 hours. As soon as I have time, I'll write you the version with the baby. It's not exactly the same. But I imagine that if you read this text, you know it.

J-1 later - I transform my dining room table into a buffet table. And there, I do everything like Lili Barbery. I set up a sumptuous buffet table. I cover it with a trailing white tablecloth and a shorter pink tablecloth. I dispatch my paper flowers. I put in the center a vase filled with flowers. I put away my chairs. I like the idea that everyone revolves around the table. I find it friendly. I have large porcelain plates that I fill with floral cardboard plates, I put goblets, martini glasses, goblets, fruit in tiered dishes... I missed my vocation, I should have been Lili.

J-1 later - I take advantage of this evening without a baby to go to the movies.

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D-Day - Welcome Baby Party

10 h : It's crazy, it's great to sleep in. I had forgotten.

11 h : I'm getting up. Today is a day of celebration. I make skewers of red fruits. I ate all the chocolates… I bake my Carambar cake. I make my chocolate spoons. I transfer my juices into carafes. I take out my Pola and reload them. I stick next to the wreaths of flowers (ready-made or to be done in the workshop for the more adventurous and in this case, I just take out the gear). My lover, because yes, I have a lover, prepares a huge plate of charcuterie/cheese that I carefully put aside for later.

14 h : My mother is back with my girl love. She sleeps.

15 h : It's 15 p.m. I'll take a shower. It goes without saying that my lover is already ready. He reads the Team. In his defense, it's Saturday. And Saturday is supplement day. I know, it's easy. Next time, I'll write you a version with task sharing. At the same time, he still prepared the board. I'm dressing up. I make it simple and effective. I put everything on makeup. I change my little chip. I'm going out for the occasion' her prettiest outfit: tights + bloomers + shirt with collar + little cardigan. She is chewable. That is true !!!

16 h : They are there !! The baby shower can start. It's time for the official presentation of my childlike beauty. Well yes, I am lucid.

16h10 : My friends are all ecstatic without exception (on the decor and on the child). I believe they are clairvoyant.

16h20 : I explain the principle to them. There's a whole bunch ofbaby show activitiesr et welcome baby party linked to my new activity as a mother! And it's free workshop, it's a bit like free time except that it's mandatory. (I became bossy in the space of a month and a half, it's crazy.)! This is what I expect from you!!

- Flower crown workshop. There are ready-made crowns and crowns to be made. So that is optional.

- Photobooth with my darling baby. Each a crown on the head, for the men just a buttonhole flower, it will not be bad. A photo for you, a photo for me. You stick the one for me with masking tape on the wall. Thanks.

- Tasting of small pots and you tell me if you recognize what's inside. Do not panic, I adapted the recipes. I'm not sticking cold bledina on you! On the other hand, I challenge you to tell me what's inside. There is always a smart guy who starts a debate on forgotten vegetables.

- Small words to write on paper pellets to stick on board. There are lots of colored pellets on this table. I would be super happy if each of you wrote a little sentence for my chick and stuck it on this frame! It's a baby shower activity that everyone loves to do, in general. So it's also perfect for a baby shower

- Cocktail tasting: well, there, I don't think you need an explanation. As far as I'm concerned, the deal is clear, tonight I won't get up, in relation to the sharing of tasks.

17 h : We are very happy to have you. I would like to ask you one last thing. I would like each of you to write a wish (a real one) for Marguerite. There is a little sheet for each of you. Once your wish has been written, close it with masking tape and put it in this box (or jar). I won't read them, I promise, but I will put them aside until she is old enough to read them herself. I give you ideas for wishes: she will have beauty, blond hair like wheat, the brilliance of a rose in the sun and her lips will be pure vermilion. Her voice will be pretty, her life will be melody, the nightingale, her troubadour, will give her the note every day. Flora, Burnet, Daisy, you start!!

18 h : My lover cracks, he pulls out the charcuterie/cheese platter. Cries of joy in my living room! I find them bloated. What, isn't that a manly enough presentation?! Sorry, but it's a baby in question. I give up. I too have a craving for cheese.

18h30 : And if we opened your birth gifts (pins to decorate the diaper bag,! You've rotted us, it's madness. (Inside me, I pray there's a voucher for a shiatsu massage in the heap).

19 h : Ok absolute madness! Thanks thanks thanks. I'll think about it later, but all I know is that there are way too many clothes and clearly they don't fit at all. I have just enough neurons to say thank you and think I'm going to spend the week making trades!

19h05 : Emotion + alcohol + hormones: it's the crying sequence!! It seems unlikely to me that you will escape it. Normally, after the usual hugs, everyone flees. Well almost, there are always two or three guys who don't have a heart or who are in cahoots with your lover to stay...

19h15 : I slip away. Sharing the tasks obliges, I leave it to my perfectly sober lover and his quite alcoholic friends to put everything away. My wonder and I are going to bed! Tomorrow, I will fill his album. It was his first party.

Friend's advice : It was great. But it was a bit of a dream. If I had to do it again (in real life, I mean), I would do it when she sleeps, my baby shower. Or else, I'll do a baby shower before the birth, so that my girlfriends take care of it. But now I'm dreaming again, I think. And then it would be without counting on superstition, fatigue, mental load, work, procrastination, premature delivery and the whimsical idea which consists in believing that afterwards, it will be easier...

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