Idea for baby shower candy bar: chocolate spoons
Idea for baby shower candy bar: chocolate spoons


If you're expecting a baby, you're likely to have chocolate cravings! And since we understand you 5 out of 5, we have prepared a great tutorial for you so that you can make good spoonfuls of chocolate to enjoy in front of the TV! The bonus point is that it is also a simple recipe idea and super original for a baby shower I! In any case, stomachs will be delighted!

    1. Break your chocolate bar into small pieces.

    2. Melt the chocolate in a bain-marie.

    3. Once the chocolate has melted, take a spoon and place a dose of chocolate in your presentation spoons.

    4. Before the chocolate cools, sprinkle with small sugar decorations.

    5. Leave to cool.

    Pro tip: These chocolate spoons will look great on a sweet table, but you can also melt them in a cup of hot milk: super comforting! 

    And There you go ! You now understand why this is an excellent baby shower idea ! But hey, it's also a great idea for birthdays, weddings, baptisms... These chocolate spoons will seduce everyone, in all circumstances! You will keep this simple recipe idea in a corner of your head… It will always be useful to you! 

    Once finished, feel free to take a picture of the result and tag us on Instagram

    If you enjoyed this DIY chocolate spoons and you are not satisfied, you will find others recipe ideas in a special section of our blog ! You mustn't miss a beat!

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