Free birthday animation idea for children: quiz vaiana
Free birthday animation idea for children: quiz vaiana


You organize a Moana-themed birthday party and you want a playful and fun animation? Make a moana quiz ! You can ask lots of questions about the film to test everyone's knowledge! And if you don't have any inspiration for the questions, we offer you some to start! In addition, you will be able to do it as a team and offer small gifts ou candy to the winners… Let's go!

    Start by rounding up the kids, like Tala at the start of Moana. You too can tell the story of Maui and Te Fiti. Then, summarize the story of Moana: she is a little girl who dreams of adventure and goes to sea to find Maui and force him to return Te Fiti's heart, as well as to prove to herself that she has everything of an explorer. Together with Maui, they cross the ocean on a journey full of twists and turns. They will travel through an incredible universe and meet giant sea creatures, like Tamatoa. She will end up saving nature by restoring the heart, and at the same time discovering who she is. And now we get on his raft and onward for the moana quiz !

    1. Which animals accompany the heroine?
    A rooster and a pig
    A cat and a cookie
    An owl and a rat

    2. What is the heroine's name?

    3. What is the heroine's original first name?

    4. Who are his traveling companions?
    Hei Hei and Pua
    Maui and Hei Hei
    Sven and Olaf
    Baloo and Bagheera

    5. Why does the heroine have to leave for this adventure?
    She is rebellious
    Otherwise there is no movie
    She must return the heart of Te Fiti
    She wants a vacation

    6. How Maui got his tattoos?
    He went to the tattoo artist
    He made them himself
    He deserved them
    He woke up like this

    7. What is the name of Maui's song?
    At men's
    Like a man
    For men
    You men

    8. What is the name of Moana's song?
    The blue light
    Let It Go
    The story of life
    Under the ocean

    9. What is the French voice of Maui?
    Adrien antoine
    Anthony kavanagh
    Dwayne Johnson
    Christophe Mae

    10. What are Moana's powers?
    water and fire
    earth and sky
    water and sea
    fire and earth

    11. What are the coconut warriors called?

    12. In what animal does Tala, Moana's grandmother, reincarnate?
    In manta ray
    In dolphin
    In pig

    13. What is the name of the village of Vaiana?

    14. At the end of the film, what does Moana leave on the mountain of chiefs?
    A stone
    A shell
    The heart of Te Fiti 

    15. Which magical weapon gives Maui his power?
    A paddle
    A hook
    A boat

    If you have other ideas for questions to make the quiz last longer: don't hesitate! Once finished, if the children are still motivated, you can go get another birthday games idea on our blog!

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