How to organize a 7 year old birthday party?
How to organize a 7 year old birthday party?


There you go, one more year for your little one (not so little)! And 7 years, it must be celebrate ! However, if a birthday comes up every year, the anxiety of the preparations too... Here we go again for hours of reflection on the theme, on the decoration, on the activities to be done... No, not at all! My Little Day has prepared a gift for YOU! In our booklet, we have gathered everything you need for a successful birthday! You will see that with this one, the organization is going to be a piece of cake!

We download THE GAMES BOOKLET  and then we read!!

Let's get along: whether it's a girl's or boy's party, the games are the same: we just adjust the references (Alice in Wonderland, pirate, astronaut...).

We don't hesitate to change the game as soon as we feel a hint of annoyance in the children. The watchword is: Adaptation!

We ring, it's them! To welcome the little guests, a bit of Khôl: a mustache for the boys and false eyelashes for the girls. While waiting for the arrival of all the friends, we make a round, we sit down and we introduce ourselves. It's you who start: "I'm Paulo's mother, I'm not a mistress..."

Everyone gives their first name, their age, the name of their mistress, their favorite game, their favorite color, their favorite cartoon. And in a tone of confidence, the super parent that you are can say what the games will be and what the rule of the afternoon is: we all play together.

To succeed in this bet, you are the one who animates, decides on the changes and explains the games. Obviously, if you are two, it's better. It's said, everyone is here, let's go!

Last advice: print the booklet to have it in hand during the snack and do not hesitate to read the instructions for use of the games which will give you additional explanations!

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