Advent season activities to do with children
Advent season activities to do with children
L'Advent, it's the coolest thing about getting the kids up at 7am in December. Their first instinct is often to open the box of their Advent calendar (and sometimes even several). To enjoy a privileged moment with them, we offer you some small alternatives to revisit this tradition of the Advent calendar.

Thanks to Advent, magic magic, the month of December turns into a little house on the prairie where children frolic from their bedroom to the living room to go through their calendar from 7am! The counterpart is that they keep the same rhythm on weekends. However, this year, I decided that we could try a trick. There will be no gifts.

Twist n°1: books, one a day. Books that we haven't read for a long time because the children have grown up. Books from when they were little to remember that not so long ago we read a story together every night. So I come out of it, 24. Easy, I have at home the equivalent of the neighborhood library. I wrap them up, hang them up and stick a number on them, it makes an original calendar. For the 24, I choose Max and the Wild Things. It's my favourite!

Twist n°2: no gift, but to them (and to us) to choose an object per day that we do not use, and thus constitute an inverted calendar. At the end, there will be 24 gifts to give to an association. Every day, we meet and explain why we chose this object, what it means... It's responsible and rewarding, basically it's great! Of course, it's for adults! This genius idea, I found it with my friend Stéphanie (Instagram account: @nanouchky). To be continued then.

Twist n°3: 
you can rummage through the children's mess box (you don't have a mess box???) and bring out 24 forgotten treasures. That's the whole thing about the treasure, is that for years it's been forgotten and suddenly it reappears. Isn't that a good idea?! It's responsible and economical! It won't work every year, but on a misunderstanding, this year it could work!

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