Safari children's birthday recipe idea: lion paw sands
Safari children's birthday recipe idea: lion paw sands
Roooarrrrr! It seems that the king of the jungle is celebrating his birthday soon. If your child is a little lion fan, he will love what we have planned for his birthday party. To replace the traditional cake, or simply to accompany it, we have prepared a recipe for small biscuits in the shape of a lion's paw! What better for a safari birthday or an birthday circus party ?


- 250g of flour
- 125 g tempered butter, cut into small dice
- 70 g caster or icing sugar
- 1 egg yolk
- 1 pinch of salt
- 5 cl of water or milk
- Flaked almonds

The steps

1. Blanch the egg yolk with the sugar and dissolve everything with water or milk.
2. Put the butter in pieces and the salt on the flour.
3. Take the flour and butter in your hands and cross your fingers.
4. Mash butter and flour together, lightly rubbing hands together.
5. When the sanding is finished, form a well.
6. Pour the sugar + egg + water mixture in the centre.
7. Quickly incorporate the elements by hand.
8. Gently squeeze the ball in your hands. If the whole is held together, it means that the humidity is sufficient. Otherwise, add a little water. Form paws with the palms and wedge slivered almonds to make the claws of the lion!
9. Cook for about twenty minutes at 180°.

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