Tips and tricks for organizing a wedding: retroplanning
Tips and tricks for organizing a wedding: retroplanning
That's it, you finally have the ring on your finger? Now, we will have to... organize the wedding ! However, don't panic! If it seems hopeless and you are already at the end of your tether just thinking about it, tell yourself that we are here to support you! And so that you can do everything in the rules, without anxiety and without forgetting anything... We have prepared a great wedding retroplanning for you! Here we go !



The days when you danced like a fury to Beyoncé's Single Lady are long gone... he (she) put the ring on your finger!

Our condolences - congratulations!

Your blissful smile hasn't left you since, but despite everything, hot flashes invade you when you try to imagine what awaits you? We are going to clear together the jungle of organizing a marriage, and you will see, little by little, you will be able to breathe again. To your machetes!

The most important thing, of course, is to set the date, or at least the time when you would like your ceremony to take place.

As soon as you have determined whether you are more of a little dress by the water or fur and chalet, you will have to choose your place:

Some places are booked months (or even years) in advance, so this is THE priority.

At worst, do as Monica, and book the place before you even say yes, see before you find your other half!

Jokes aside, depending on the place of your dreams, lots of things will have to be adapted.

Do you dream of getting married in the middle of the forest or a lost field? Then plan a – big – budget for a tent, and especially a generator. Do you want to get married in a pretty stone castle in the middle of the vineyards? Some places may impose the caterer, decorator, etc.

In short, you will have understood that it is above all the period and the region of your wedding that will determine many other decisions.

It will also be necessary to consider the question of the place of ceremony, in particular in the case where you wish a religious ceremony. The place of worship will also play a major role in the choice of the reception venue.

Once your ideas are a little clearer, here is a first little checklist of essentials to define right away:

Establish a first list of essential and dreamed guests. The final roster hides somewhere in between.

Establish a budget, or in any case an envelope that should not be exceeded. It's not super romantic, but it will save a lot of future trouble.

Tell your family and loved ones. This small meeting can also be useful to talk about the budget!

A few questions to ask yourself:

Do I want my civil and religious/secular ceremonies to take place on the same day?

In principle, you must get married at the Town Hall of your place of residence, and this can therefore have a big influence on the place of reception, if you choose to celebrate everything on the same day.

Do we want to organize everything as a family or with the help of professionals? Doing everything with those around you is necessarily very tempting for some (and we will help you with lots of DIY and ideas). Note however that it will be necessary to invest a lot of time during the year; and also on D-Day. The wedding pros (wedding planner or simply decorators) can really make your life easier.

Depending on the answers, the serious things begin! The sooner you go about choosing your service providers, the more likely you are to have exactly what you want, on the date you want.

We have concocted a complete retroplanning for the next 12 months. Ready?

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