Free ideas and tips for easily organizing a hen party
Free ideas and tips for easily organizing a hen party


It is often said that brides are stressed as the wedding approaches. But the truth is that they are mostly stressed by theEVJF organization ! If you think about it, you have to: invite everyone, think about the budget, raise funds and think of cool and original activities to do... the nightmare! So, My Little Day comes to lend a hand to all future brides! Thanks to this free tutorial, you will be able to have some advice for organize a hen party better ! You'll see, it's going to be a piece of cake!

Ok. Good… Let's be lucid, it's going to be tough! Organize an EVJF is not easy at all, it is even a touchy exercise. And being responsible for the organization of the EVJF can turn against you. Remember Friends (episode 195). Phoebe and Rachel fight for a while to be the organizers of Monica's EVJF to end up not wanting to organize it anymore! Remember My Best Friends…Remember the bachelorette parties you've been to before…Remember your own bachelorette party.

In short, I can't do much, but I can still provide the essentials: practical advice!

When we talk about EVJF, only one thing comes to mind: the OR-GA-NI-SA-TION!

If we manage to stick to these 6 commandments, the program can only be perfect! Forward to discover how to organize a hen party 

BA-BA of the EVJF (Or the 6 commandments to ABSOLUTELY RESPECT):

1. So, in order not to turn this moment into a nightmare or a real plague, you have to plan ahead, and by advance, we mean at least 3 to 6 months.

Why ? Because in the event of the unexpected, you can fall back on your feet, which will prevent the little party from turning into an uncontrollable crazy EVJF.

Note to self: Never lose in mind, that this moment must remain legendary!

2. Make the guest list. And it is quite simply with the future bride that the best list resides. It's her day and it's up to her to choose who will be her happy bachelorette party: A little brainstorming is in order.

3. Find the funds and give yourself a budget and from there, choose a program! An equation comes to mind: as many budgets as programs! So we simmered EVJF for small budgets, means and gargantuan budgets.

4. Find the date: the more guests there are, the more complications there will be, last minute appointments, illness and so on. Hence the usefulness of remembering the 1st commandment!

PS: This date will have to be re-validated by everyone a few weeks before!

5. Find a time when all the girls would be together once before theEVJF. A drink, a brunch, an aperitif. It may sometimes be that all the guests do not know each other or that there are some small tensions. This will therefore be the perfect time to get to know each other so that on D-Day everyone is ready to have fun!

6. Enjoy every moment!

There you go, you're ready to go.EVJF organization… We trust you! As a bonus, you will find EVJF ideas (deco ideas, EVJF activities...) on our blog! 

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