Free tips for organizing a great EVJF on a small budget
Free tips for organizing a great EVJF on a small budget
When we are about to get married, theEVJF is a girly moment and a symbolic party that you don't want to miss! However, a wedding already costs a lot and we do not necessarily want to spend miles and cents for this evening. Fortunately, you don't need to break the pig for a hell of a hen party! Thanks to our tutorial, you can make a small budget go hand in hand with a great party! Let's go !



Low budget does not essentially mean a boring day of watching Love Actually on Netflix, while drinking rosé with the girlfriends. No need to spend crazy sums to have a great time!

So, what I propose is a minimum of money spent for a maximum of activities!

Countdown - EVJF - small budget

6 MONTHS BEFORE: Taking your time is good, but for that, and we can never repeat it enough, you need to get ahead! The first step in this long journey is therefore to make the list of guests. It may be temporary, but it is absolutely essential to move on to the next steps! And for this one, no improvisation is allowed: the opinion of the future bride is essential. So we bring our most beautiful notepad and we get to work!

5 MONTHS BEFORE: We're launching the invitations, now that the guests are chosen! We need the number of participants as well as everyone's availability in order to set a date. We offer several to avoid the edge... the worries. Just send an email, contact them via social networks or create an EVENT so that everyone is on the same wavelength. We don't hesitate to be playful to motivate as many people as possible, it may be that with so much advance, the message goes unnoticed... To motivate the troops even more, you can ask the people concerned for a few ideas! ;) Be very clear, you need a return from them as soon as possible!

4 MONTHS BEFORE: After having methodically followed the previous steps, you have to set up a kitty! It will define your budget for this great moment and therefore your program. Here too, we will have to jostle and constantly raise so that each participant collaborates. It is impossible to advance blindly without a budget! And then you ask yourself “why me…? »

3 MONTHS BEFORE: The guests: check, the date: check, the kitty: check. (Otherwise, we RE-LAUNCH!) And now it's time for the program!

1/2 MONTH BEFORE: Organization requires, you must reconfirm the presence and the date with all the guests. History that one does not plan an appointment with the dentist on D-Day or that another goes to lunch with his grandmother! It's also an opportunity to invite all the girls for brunch, an aperitif dinner or simply a drink to get to know each other better and create small affinities. Enjoy this moment!

1 WEEK BEFORE: We're sending a little collective message to all the girls for a reminder shot and spreading good vibes! And because the organization no longer holds any secrets for you, there is no need to wait until the day before to buy the equipment to carry out the planned activities!

THE DAY BEFORE : A little text is never too much! We set a time, a specific appointment while recalling the program for the next day. No delay will be allowed, good night and see you tomorrow!

A little advice : Get off the beaten track, film clichés and be original! First and foremost, do your research based on your budget and what would make the bride-to-be happy. Does she have any special wishes? Information is essential! It would be a shame to go scuba diving if she has a water phobia or to go tree climbing if she has vertigo… #ACOTEDELAPLAQUE

D-Day - EVJF - small budget

9h: Good. What better way to start a good day than with a kidnapping? Uh… a “Bridenapping”, the term is more adequate (and that's free!). The delicate princess is sleeping peacefully in her cozy little bed, it's time to shake her up! She's not going to get off that easily! Confetti, streamers, blowpipes and trumpets, nothing is too good for a real fanfare awakening! She will sleep when she is old… While one pulls her by the feet, in her super floral pajamas, another prepares her “survival kit”. (Because we still have a heart and eventually she will have the right to get a makeover during this bachelorette party day!)

10h-12h: First, who says perfect day, says perfect timing. Me and my notepad we set off. And for that, you have to start the day on the right foot and nothing better than doing it with a full belly! Head to all our good addresses for a great brunch with friends and always in pajamas for the starlet! (evil laughter).

13h: After eating well (and laughing), we go home and start quietly with our little DIYs! First of all, we create small labels on which we can write our first names, so as never to lose our champagne flutes (because that would be a shame anyway…). However, alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health and should be consumed in moderation! ☺

14h: We vary the pleasures. And to pay tribute to Madame who is preparing THE DAY OF HER LIFE, we thought of the essential (and very beautiful) accessory: A scarf worthy of Miss France 2018! (She behaved well, this is an opportunity to let her use her super “survival kit” and even abuse it!).

15h:  Because we didn't do all this work for nothing, we thought we absolutely had to immortalize this moment! Cameras, smartphones, Polaroids and Kit for Photobooth, everything is ready to make a Wall of Fame Shame!

16h: Time to taste. And because it's ultra sacred for us, we couldn't miss it! We had the good idea to make candy skewers in the shape of arrows. I guarantee you, they are as beautiful as they are good!

17-18 p.m.: It's cocktail hour (let's assume it's always time to eat or drink!) Anyway, it's time somewhere in the world and that's enough for me. motivate. And anyway, today everything is allowed! Alcohol abuse…

19h: And there, we laugh more! We move on to putting on paper some little advice for the smooth running of the married life of our little protegee. It's time to be a good friend and show some imagination! And since at My Little Day we don't do anything halfway, here are the printables! All you have to do is print them out and fill in the blanks!

20h: It's time to play her. And for that, we make her believe that she will have THE date of her life with THE absolute handsome guy, before settling down for life? And there, the adrenaline rises! Better than Pierre, Paul or Jacques, We hesitate between Ryan Gosling et J (Yes, you know, 50 shades of Grey… It could even be Garou, the main thing is to sell him dreams!). The principle is very simple and I have no trouble explaining it. It's the same as the legendary Donkey's tale except that for us, it became "KISS THE MAN"! All I had to do was print a big enough photo of her ultimate fantasy, a blindfold to hide her eyes and the goal is to kiss her as close to her mouth as possible!

PS: our Kiss the Man printable can be found just below! 

21-22 p.m.: Now that everyone's a little much tipsy fit, it's time to move on to the next step: “Do you know each other that well? ". The pressure is there. The goal is to keep the same atmosphere. I take a deep breath. One again. This new little game consists of writing information about us on a sheet and the other guests will have to sort out the true from the false! We explain all this to you in more detail, two truths, one lie!

23h: Home stretch. And it's already time to take stock: like the very last EVJF activity, we take out of the drawer all our good memories: the best, but especially the worst! Nostalgic moments...

00h: We laughed, ate and drank and it's time to let the delicate princess go back to bed. Because a future bride with dark circles and a hangover is not very glamorous...

Friend advice: This is only one possibility among many others! Don't hesitate to adapt this day as much as possible with the personality of your BFF!

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