Tips for organizing a bachelor party with an average budget
Tips for organizing a bachelor party with an average budget


Your girlfriend is getting married soon? She asked you to organize her bachelorette party ? Do you break out in a cold sweat just thinking about it? Do not panic. We have prepared a whole plan for you for a great EVJF organization. With this, the future bride will be delighted!

Countdown - EVJF - average budget

6 MONTHS BEFORE: taking your time is good, but for that, and we can never repeat it enough, you have to be ahead! Eh yes, organize a hen party does not happen in a day! The first step in this long journey is therefore to make the list of guests. It may be temporary, but it is absolutely essential to move on to the next stages of theEVJF organization ! And for this one, no improvisation is allowed: the opinion of the future bride is essential. So we bring our most beautiful notepad and we get to work!

5 MONTHS BEFORE: We're launching the invitations now that the guests are chosen! We need the number of participants as well as everyone's availability in order to set a date. We offer several to avoid the edge... the worries. Just send an email, contact them via social networks or create an EVENT so that everyone is on the same wavelength. You can also send a small personalized invitation card (it's always nice). We do not hesitate to be playful to motivate as many people as possible, it is possible that with so much advance, the message goes unnoticed... For more motivation, you can ask for a few small bachelor party ideas to those concerned! 😉

Be very clear, you need a return from them as soon as possible!

4 MONTHS BEFORE: after having methodically followed the previous steps, you have to set up a kitty! It will define your budget for this great moment and therefore your program. Here too, we will have to jostle and constantly raise so that each participant collaborates.

It is impossible to advance blindly without a budget!

3 MONTHS BEFORE: the guests: check, the date: check, the kitty: check. (Otherwise, we RESTART!)

And now it's program time!

A little advice : get off the beaten track, film clichés and be original! First and foremost, do your research based on your budget and what would make the bride-to-be happy. Does she have any special wishes?

Pro tip: information is essential! It would be a shame to go scuba diving if she has a phobia of water or to go tree climbing if she is terrified of heights...

1/2 MONTH BEFORE: Organization requires, you must reconfirm the presence and the date with all the guests. History that one does not plan an appointment with the dentist on D-Day or that another goes to lunch with his grandmother! It's also an opportunity to invite all the girls for brunch, an aperitif dinner or simply a drink to get to know each other better and create small affinities. Enjoy this moment!

1 WEEK BEFORE: we send a little collective message to all the girls to remind them and spread good vibes! And because the organization no longer holds any secrets for you, there is no need to wait until the day before to buy the equipment to carry out the planned activities!

THE DAY BEFORE : a little text is never too much! We set a time, a specific appointment while recalling the program for the next day. No delay will be allowed, good night and see you tomorrow!

D-DAY : after months of stress and organization, all your work is done: it's time to have fun!

Our advice

After fundraising, do we end up with a rather modest envelope? What to do ?

Do not panic ! It is not necessarily necessary to spend colossal sums to have fun one last time between singles!

So, which activities to choose? The wisest thing is still to stick to the personality of our future little bride. It would be a shame if she didn't enjoy her day because the program EVJF does not suit him! This is undoubtedly the opportunity to test something new, crazy and fun!

Little topo: 

First of all, we ask ourselves the right questions and we paint a portrait of the future Madame: is she sporty? Adventurer? Artist at heart? Or the soul of a star?

Madame is sporty 🤸: 

And that's good because we have theEVJF activity IDEAL: pole dancing! Better than the exercise bike and funnier than the step, the pole dance will call on all the strength and flexibility of the champion (and her guests: Aiiiiiie…)

I guarantee you that this experience will mark the spirits, and not that…

If the EVJF is scheduled during the summer season, don't hesitate to go for more aquatic games: the banana buoy is always a good idea! ;)

Madame is an adventurer 🧗:

The escape game seems to be a perfect activity! There are all kinds, on all themes! Thrills and adrenaline guaranteed! Exploration of a military base, projection into the future or immersion in a "Very bad night", this is an opportunity to exercise your brain!

And if your future bride is addicted to thrills, you can also go for an outdoor activity such as tree climbing or ziplining! There too, it will be an opportunity to escape and make an impression!

All you have to do is bring a good pair of sneakers and all your courage!

Madame is an artist 🧑‍🎨:

And why not organize a special class... A common drawing class of... Naked! The course is inexpensive, absolutely original, fun and very very funny! This will be an opportunity to gather all your talent and put it to good use! For even more spice, do not hesitate to blindfold the future bride for an even more intense surprise!

Madam is a starlet 🧑‍🎤:

Is your bride-to-be convinced she missed a vocation? Nay! It is never too late to rectify this discrepancy! The choices are many: singing lessons and recording in the studio, karaoke in a bar, dance lessons or even acting, all activities are good to take and will all be synonymous with fun! Do not hesitate to put the star at the center of your activity!

There you go, now you know how to organize a hen party hell with an average budget! 

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