Entertainment idea for a bachelorette party
Entertainment idea for a bachelorette party


Are you or one of your girlfriends getting married? You have decided to celebrate with dignity at a party EVJF ? We have a perfect entertainment to offer you for a hellish evening: a quizzes special, on one of our favorite subjects! But, what is it? The handsome guys, of course! This quiz is therefore one of the best bachelor party games to bring the girls together and test your knowledge of the life of these Apollos! You can add, delete or change the questions as you wish! For more competition, create two teams, the first to ring the buzzer wins a point!

    The party is in full swing, you've already danced to Single ladies by Beyoncé, you sang your voice to tears to We Found Love by Rihanna and you're waiting for the pizzas to arrive? It's time for the flagship animation: the quizzes ! We put on a little background music, we all sit on the sofa, and let's go!

    1. Who is Ryan Gosling's wife?
    Anne Hathaway
    Eva Mendes
    Emma Stone

    2. Which film did Leonardo DiCaprio finally win an Oscar for?
    The wolf of Wall Street
    The ghost

    3. What was One Direction's first hit song?
    Blank Space
    What Makes You Beautiful

    4. What is Tom Hardy's favorite animal?
    Dog Wear

    5. What year did George and Amal Clooney get married?

    6. Thanks to which TV show Nicolas Duvauchelle was he known?
    Plus belle la vie

    7. In which city was Pio Marmaï born?

    8. Which renowned fashion designer did Gaspard Ulliel play?
    Jean-Paul Gaultier
    Yves Saint Laurent
    Christian Dior

    9. What part of New York did David and Victoria Beckham name their eldest son after?

    10. Which superhero did Hugh Jackman play?

    11. What song did Patrick (aka Heath Ledger) sing in the movie 10 Good Reasons to Dump You?
    Can't take my eyes off of you
    I Will Always Love You
    Unchained Melody 

    12. Which actor played Edward Lewis in the cult movie Pretty Woman?
    George Clooney
    Johnny Depp
    Richard Gere

    13. What other romantic movie did Julia Roberts and Richard Gere star in?
    Love Actually
    Just married (or almost)
    The loving witness

    14. According to science, who is the most handsome man in the world?
    Timothée Chalamet
    Johnny Depp
    Robert Pattinson

    15. Which actor played the role of Elvis Presley in the biopic Elvis?
    Timothée Chalamet
    Rami Malek
    Austin butler

    16. What are the names of Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis' children?
    Wyatt and Dmitri
    Ines and James
    Amalia and Aleph 

    17. If he had the opportunity to change his life with another personality, who would Zac Efron want to play?
    James Franco
    David Beckham
    Elizabeth II

    18. How did Justin Bieber get famous?
    On Youtube
    On Tiktok
    Singing in the street

    19. At what age did Tom Holland land his first role?
    11 years
    9 years
    21 years 

    20. Which handsome kid owns a house in Maine-et-Loire?
    Hugh Grant
    Jude Law
    George Clooney

    If you have other ideas for questions to make the fun last: ask them! And if you want another EVJF games idea to continue the evening: go to our blog!

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