Tips and Tricks for Hosting a Baby Shower Party
Tips and Tricks for Hosting a Baby Shower Party


Do you have a friend who is giving birth soon or are you preparing to welcome your little angel yourself? It's time to organize a baby shower ! However, it can be difficult to know how to organize it! No worries, My Little Day has gathered all the tips and tricks for an organization baby shower in the top ! Yes, because beware, the baby shower comes straight from the States, the too much / too kitsch is never far away. So, it is better to avoid falling into the nightmare because of a bad taste cake, for instance…



If you are reading this article, two possibilities: either you organize your own baby shower, or you organize it for your best friend/sister/cousin/, etc. There is no rule strictly speaking, however the organization of a baby shower very often falls to one of the relatives of the future mother. Baby shower surprise therefore, but take it easy on the "SUPRIIIIIIIISE" effect, at the risk of triggering premature delivery. #whoops

Let's go back in order. Your best friend waited the statutory three months to announce her pregnancy, stuck her still wet pregnancy test under your nose: OMG, she's going to be a mom, she's pregnant!

Nine months of waiting is a long time (not so much for the mother as for you, delirious future aunt godmother). So, you'll have to keep busy: a baby shower is the ideal project! We reassure you, you will not wear it for nine months, however several weeks will be necessary to give birth to an (almost) perfect party!

To organize a baby shower, it's all about balance. It has to be cute without falling into the corny praline, festive without being cheeky (there is a pregnant woman anyway). And all without being soporific. A baby shower is divided into two stages: preparations and D-Day. Come on, push, blow, madam, blow, it's going to be fine!

Before embarking on the organization of a baby shower, you have to make sure that the future mother wants it, and above all, be in cahoots with the future father (it will make your life much easier).



- The date: to know when to have a baby shower, the best thing is to consult the future dad, who will be able to inform you better than anyone about the agenda of the future mother. The organization of the baby shower is an essential step! In general, it takes place 4 to 6 weeks before the term, ideally during the 7ᵉ month of pregnancy. It often takes place in the afternoon.

- The place: the ideal is to organize the baby shower at the home of the future parents, but it can be difficult to keep the surprise intact. Again, lean on dad to create a diversion on D-Day (“hey honey, I gave you a spa / massage / manicure / pedicure session and we'll continue to a restaurant”) and leave you the field free to install / decorate / receive guests.

- The list of guests: there is no rule, but it is generally a girl's party (more conducive to confidences). You will need to contact her closest friends / colleagues / sister(s) / cousin(s)… You can send them invitation cards (which you can personalize as you wish), or send an email/SMS. 

- The budget: it is not because you organize the baby shower that you have to take care of all the financial aspect. Do not hesitate to ask for the involvement of the dad and a participation of the guests.

- The baby shower theme : As the mother's best friend, you necessarily know her tastes. The trend is pastel, but everything is possible: tropical, mini animals, clouds… Everything, we tell you everything!


- Invitations: you can absolutely send homemade invitations, or invitation cards all-made, but a nice email / a text / a call will also do the trick (if you lack information, send the dad). Make it clear to the guests that this is a SURPRISE baby shower. The must of the must being to create a shared conversation on Messenger or Whatsapp, which will allow you to exchange in real time with everyone.


The decoration: it is a baby shower decor, it is necessary to clearly display the theme of the party and a strong decorative element is therefore essential. Depending on whether it is a girl's baby shower or a boy's baby shower, large letter mylar balloons can form the word "BABY", "GIRL" or "BOY", our DIY baby cubes ( which you can also use to pimp gift wraps), etc. What would a baby shower be without its Sweet Table? So we don't skimp on the adorable details: cupcake boxes, pretty paper tableware, lanterns and pompoms, balloons of all kinds, an adorable pennant garland, and why not a lightbox. Elements to choose according to the theme that you will have determined beforehand. The baby shower decoration sets the tone for your party, it must be coherent and harmonious! If you don't have the time or inspiration, you can also opt for a ready-made kit with all the essentials for an original baby shower decoration!

And the menu! Who says Sweet Table (or candy bar) says little savory and sweet treats: cupcakes are always popular + a can of candy + fruit or candy skewers + savory cakes. A simple but effective buffet. The icing on the cake is precisely a beautiful cake to top it off, with why not, an original shape! For this, no worries, you just need to bring a superb cookie cutter and you'll be done! If you or one of the guests are pastry chefs at heart, start making a layer cake. The higher it is, the more beautiful it is. #the longer the better

And make a list of everything you'll need, depending on the number of guests and the size of the venue.


- The gift(s): Who says "shower" says rain of baby shower gifts for future mother and future baby! Need one baby shower gift idea ? Tradition dictates that the mother-to-be is offered a diaper cake and baby products. Again, there is no rule. We are of the opinion to offer her a care for her, a beautiful Charlie Crane deckchair for her, for baby… If there is a birth list, the ideal is to pick your gift ideas from it. Another option, a bit impersonal, but sure value, the small common envelope...

- The baby shower games/ DIY / workshops: If you collect the gifts beforehand, you can customize their packaging with our DIY or wrap them with original gift paper! And if not, make the cubes that you can place on the Sweet Table for example. You can customize them by adding details related to your theme. Without being too mind-blowing on the timings, we still advise you to draw up a "roadmap" for the baby shower in order to make it a rhythmic and pleasant event. We offer you some games and activities a little further down. Trust your imagination and solicit that of the guests.

- Distribution of tasks: again, it is not because you are at the initiative of the baby shower that you have to manage everything from A to Z. Dare to ask for help. The handy girlfriend will be happy to create fabric (or paper) flower crowns for everyone (if she's nice, and if not just for the mom-to-be, and if she's really not nice, just for herself). The Julia Child of the group will be delighted to take care of the buffet. The alcoholic friend will be delighted to prepare the cocktail workshop (but without alcohol for the mother, it goes without saying that the AA (alcoholic friend) will drink her share), etc.


- General check: the guests, the missions assigned to each, the shopping, the decoration, the mood of the future mother... A small point is essential a few days before the event, in case of unforeseen events, you will have time find a plan B!

- Goodies: optional, but they will make you the perfect friend that everyone will snap up for their own baby shower. The idea: that everyone leaves with a little souvenir of the party. Pretty paper pockets, stickers, confetti, candy by the thousands… If you plan ahead and have the budget for it, you can make personalized tote bags.

- Photographer: unless you are Crésus (or Beyonce), you will not have the means to hire a photographer for the occasion. Try to pick up an SLR that encourages taking great photos. A tripod and we improvise a photobooth corner for an unforgettable photo session! If possible, make disposable devices available, once the photos have been developed, you can give a beautiful album to the future mother or fill in the baby's first photo album together!


11H The house is free, you have reinforcements by your side (because even with all the will in the world, you won't be able to manage everything on your own). You have to install the baby shower decor, the candy bar. Inside / outside, everything depends on the place / the weather. Inflate balloons (balloon and helium). If you feel like it, make a balloon arch, a balloon wall or simply one or more beautiful bunches of balloons.

Crazy effect guaranteed!!

14H Everything is ready, the guests have arrived. You have a throbbing heart, even a few contractions, you wouldn't say no to an epidural to relax a little.

14:15 am When you hear the keys click, you all say in chorus “surprise” (you even whisper, about the risk of childbirth on the landing).

14:16 am The future mother breaks down in tears, the future father has a shining eye. He slips away without a sound, the baby shower can start.

14:20 am The mother has come to her senses, she knows that it's all about you, and her eyes say thank you. All those weeks of preparation were worth it (the nervous pregnancy you developed is just a detail).

14:30 am The mother knows everyone, but everyone may not know each other. You asked each guest beforehand to send you a photo of her baby that you printed (yours and that of the mother-to-be included) and to which you assigned a number. Let's go for the first baby shower activity : Who's Who? Of course, you don't participate, otherwise it's cheating.

15H We move on to another baby shower activity: the blind test. A blindfold, a spoon, baby jars, and each must taste three. For the less gifted, you have even provided a bib. #good game

15:30 am It's time to freshen up, isn't it? Let's go for a Mocktail workshop (non-alcoholic cocktail) (unless the AA insists on taking out his vial). Without alcohol, the party is crazier. Well not all the time, don't push baby same in nettles.

16H Our baby shower gifts !!! In the US, the opening of gifts is the subject of a full-fledged baby shower activity: it's a tradition, difficult to escape it, even if in France the desires diverge.

You have arranged all the presents on a large table / a small table / a chair / a stool (it all depends on the number of presents) nicely decorated, and they are handed over to the future mother in a collective enthusiasm. You even thought of packing little odds and ends that will have the merit of making the assembly laugh (the book "The perfect mother is a mytho", a funny little t-shirt "Mom, you are beautiful and nice, I understand dad" , etc.)

16:30 am The cake !!! Homemade or not, it must be beautiful, because it is one of the stars of the party. And it can absolutely be the center of attention if it's a “gender reveal cake”. But this requires the prior agreement of mum and dad. We explain to you: the parents have not yet revealed the sex of the baby, they write it down on a paper that they slip into an envelope that they give to you and that you give to a pastry chef (you follow?). The pastry chef will have to make a “mystery” cake (neutral exterior, explicit interior). The gender of the baby will be revealed during the cutting of the cake, tadam!

17:30 am The dad comes home, you take the opportunity to designate him as the official photographer. Each grabs a photobooth prop and off we go for a saucy photo shoot (or wise, it's up to you).

19pm-20pm-21pm The guests leave one after the other. You stay and help pack everything up (because you're definitely the coolest one).

We have prepared you baby shower retroplan

BONUS: THE game "will you dare?" (not us)

A speed contest : to the one who will put the mother in a diaper (adult size, we agree) as soon as possible.

Friendly advice (Part 1): If the mother-to-be is superstitious, but dreams of a baby shower despite everything, nothing prevents you from organizing it when the baby is born. The preparations and the process remain the same, except for one detail: the baby will no longer be in his belly, but in your arms!

Friendly advice (Part 2): If you are allergic to stereotypes (boy = blue / girl = pink) and this is holding you back from organizing a baby shower, know that all themes are possible and can be declined as you wish!

Of course, all our baby shower decoration ideas, our DIY baby showers, our baby shower tips and our themed decoration selection can be found on our site! 😉

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