Playful birthday game 1 2 3 sun for children 4 years old
Playful birthday game 1 2 3 sun for children 4 years old


One two Three Sun, it's the playground that children love the most. So obviously, there's no question of reproducing it, you have to make it attractive to them, transform it enough so that they want to play it again and again! Not requiring any material and adapting to all the themes, it's the perfect birthday activity!

Its good ! Everybody is here ! They are already running everywhere for the most part and seem to have taken possession of the premises well. To avoid too much chaos, it's time to launch a birthday entertainment ! Start slow with one two Three Sun

- Everyone to the chicken coop (children move up against a designated wall or piece of furniture).

- I explain to you. I point to a sun, he shouts: "one two three sun" staring at the wall. During this time, you move forward by imitating a gait that I show you. When the sun says "sun", it turns around. You must then have turned into statues. If you move, you go back to the chicken coop. The first one who touches the sun screams "sun" and becomes sun in turn. Are you ready ?

- Yeaaaah!

- It's a little soft, it's time for a nap? Are you ready?

- Yeaaaaaaaaaaa!!

- Good ! Adrien, you are the first sun. And for this first round, you will imitate the gait of a mouse.

With each new sun, you can vary the steps and make sure, by asking them to show you, that everyone knows them. It's up to the children to move forward by leaping, giant strides, sidestepping, backwards...

To make them laugh and spice up the game, you can tickle them to check that they are real statues. It can also help a shy or recalcitrant child: turn him into a tickler assistant!

There you go, your birthday activity is finished ! Place at cake now ! 

If you have time after the cake, you can look for another birthday games idea on our blog! 

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