5-year-old birthday game ideas: 1,2,3 grimaces
5-year-old birthday game ideas: 1,2,3 grimaces
If 1,2,3 soleil is an essential game, My Little Day has decided to offer you a variant of the game for maximum fun! The principle remains the same, but more complicated! Children (from 5 years old) will love playing it at a birthday party! You just have to know how to make the statue, make an awful grimace and move forward with an imposed gait. Laughter guaranteed!

— Everyone in the hen house (the children move towards a designated wall or piece of furniture). We are going to play “one, two, three, grimaces”! It's like “one, two, three, sun” but much harder!

- Oooohhh!

— I nominate a master-grimace. He shouts: “one, two, three, grimaces” staring at the wall. During this time, you advance by doing the step that I indicate to you. When the master grimace says "grimace", he turns around. You must then have turned into grimacing statues. If you move or don't wince, you go back to the coop. The first to touch the grimace master yells “grimace” and becomes the grimace master in turn. Are you ready ?

- Ouiiiii! Jules, you're the first master grimace. For this first trick, you will imitate the gait of a mouse. Don't forget to make a face.

With each new round, you can vary the steps and make sure, by asking them to show you, that everyone knows them. It is up to the children to hop on one foot, jumping, duck stepping, giant stepping, chasing steps, backwards...

To make them laugh and spice up the game, you can tickle them to check that they are real statues. It can also help a shy or recalcitrant child: turn him into a tickler assistant!

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