7-year-old birthday game ideas: aerobics session
7-year-old birthday game ideas: aerobics session
Because we can very well combine business with pleasure during a child's birthday, My Little Day offers you a great aerobics session! Perfect activity for children from 7 years old, this will allow them to stretch their legs while having fun! So, we put on our best sports outfit and 1,2,3...! The advantage is that they will be exhausted at the end of the day!

- I would like to check that you are really in good shape. I'm going to put on some music and I'm going to ask you to do the same movements as me. Are you ready ?

— Yeah.

- It's a little soft. Are you ready?

— Yeaaaaaah.

- So, let's call the music: "the music, the music, the music".

“Now you can lie on the ground. And take a nap! (Let them breathe for a minute, take the opportunity to catch your breath!)

While hopping, do fairly simple and fast movements like during an aerobics session: saying goodbye, driving a car, rolling with your arms, slapping your legs, your shoulders, your head , on the buttocks, on the stomach, on the ground with the hands, with the feet, clap in the hands, snap the fingers, jump, turn on yourself, make the plane, raise the arms, raise one leg then the other, forward, backward... And turn off the music.

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