7-year-old birthday game idea: difficult relays
7-year-old birthday game idea: difficult relays


Who says birthday, says birthday game! Yes, nothing like it for a 100% successful atmosphere and delighted children! The relay game is a speed race. That's good, children have a competitive spirit. If you want to organize a birthday entertainment a little sporty and outdoors for your child's birthday, this game will be perfect! All you have to do is put on your sneakers and let's go!

These relays are a little harder than the previous ones, but they can also be done by children from 7 years old! Create your teams and let's go for your new birthday entertainment favorite!

- We're going to do a series of relays. Stand in single file behind your team leader in front of me. You will stick to the wall. I'll stick to the opposite wall. I give an instruction. Team leaders leave, touch my hand, leave and touch their teammates' hands. The following teammates can then leave. The team wins when their team leader is in first position again.

- The 1st relay is a buddy relay. This is the wheelbarrow. On the way out, Jules holds Louison and Margaux holds Hugo, on the way back, we reverse. Let each pair be ready! Watch out, let's go!!!!

- For the 2ᵉ relay, I would like you to run back and forth!

- For the 3ᵉ relay, I would like you to go back and forth again in pairs. This time, I ask you to tie yourselves to each other: arm above, arm below and legs together (you can ask them to tie their feet with a scarf that they pass on at the time of the relay, it will be additional difficulty).

- For the 4ᵉ relay, you will have to blow on this paper L to move it forward, without touching it of course.

When the game is over, reward them with the birthday cake ! Then you decide! Either you let them play, or you opt for a new birthday games idea to keep them busy until the end! 

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