Original ideas for children's birthday activities: the dialogue portrait
Original ideas for children's birthday activities: the dialogue portrait
This round game will become your children's favorite game! Round games are often the favorites, but this one is even more fun and a bit more difficult! It is therefore to be done with children from 7 years old and then without age limit. It will be perfect as an entertainment during a birthday, and I even advise you to do it during an adult dinner! Laughter guaranteed!

- Let's make a round and sit cross-legged. I'm going to designate two of you who are going to leave the room, they will be the "actors". These two actors will choose a character that everyone knows. Once the choice is made, the actors will come back to the center of the round and will describe this character without ever pronouncing his name. You will of course have to guess who they are talking about! Whoever finds it will become an actor and choose their partner. Are you ready ?

— Yeah.

— So Margaux and Jules, do you want to be the first actors? Quickly go into the next room, choose the person you want to portray. You can choose a girlfriend, a boyfriend, a mistress, a cartoon character... whatever you want, but a large majority must know this character. You have a minute...

— When they come back, you'll have to listen to their description and only interrupt them to suggest a name!!! Jules and Margaux, are you ready? Sit in the center of the circle. We are listening to you. You can tell us a story if you want...

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