Children's birthday games pictionary 7 years and over
Children's birthday games pictionary 7 years and over
You know the Pictionary of course! I'm not going to show you anything. We suggest you play it for a great birthday entertainment, for children aged 7 and over. Feel free to make it last up to 15 minutes!

— I would like the two teams to be reconstituted. At 3, the team of champions gathers on my right and the team of winners gathers on my left. 1, 2, 3! Sit on the ground cross-legged looking at me. I have next to me a pile of paper, a pencil and some tape. I'm going to tape a sheet to the wall. One of you will come next to me and I will whisper in his ear the name of an object, character or animal. He will draw it and you will try to guess what it is. Whoever finds it wins a point for their team. It's very simple, are you ready?

— Yeaaaah.

- Louison, come next to me. You are going to draw (whispering): a crab.

Here is a list of things you can ask them to draw: a princess, a king, a fairy, a dragon, a witch, a mouse, an elephant, a chair, a lamp, a baby, a knight, a castle, a teepee, an Indian...

Rotate one person from each team.

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