Birthday animation round game for 7-year-old child
Birthday animation round game for 7-year-old child
Poor little sick cat. This round game is great. It's very simple, it's one of my favorite games. I loved having the kids play it and I loved watching them love it! It's a very very funny game. He asks the children not to take themselves seriously and they are very quickly rewarded, because a good laugh awaits them!

- Let's make a round and sit cross-legged. I'm going to designate a player who will be "the poor little sick cat". Once designated, he will have to go and settle in the center of the 4-legged circle.

— Oooohhhh.

— He will then have to choose a friend whom he will have to rub shoulders with, meowing and making faces. The friend chosen by the cat will have to stroke the cat 3 times, each time saying "poor little sick cat" without laughing or smiling. The goal of the cat is to make his friend laugh. The friend chosen by the cat must not laugh. If he laughs, he loses and becomes a cat in turn. If he holds on and remains unmoved, the cat must find a new friend. It's understood ?

— Yeah.

— Those for whom the meows are not intended have the right to laugh!!!

— Who wants to be the first cat?...

If no one wants to start, you can nominate a child or self-nominate yourself as the 1st cat. 

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