Game for children's birthday activities from 3 years old
Game for children's birthday activities from 3 years old
The tickling ogre is a game for toddlers (3 to 5 years old) who like to laugh at a birthday party: so all children! This game requires real conditioning. If you believe in it, the children will be electrified and then the game will become very very funny and certainly one of their best memories!

- Children, I made a big mistake. I left the pinata (also works with goodie bags, musical gift giveaway, or birthday presents) in my room.

- It doesn't matter ??!

- Well, if it's serious, because there's a ticklish ogre sleeping in my room. And I don't want to wake him up, because as his name suggests, he's an ogre and he's very ticklish. I don't want to mess with it!!

- Ohhhhhhh!

- Do you think you are capable of sneaking into my room, silent mouse steps, grabbing the pinata and leaving as you came to know as discreetly as possible?!!!!

- Yeaaaaaah!

- Ok, then, let's go, remember, don't make a noise and hurry to leave when you've got the pinata...

Obviously, for this game, it takes two. The louder the tickler ogre snores the more electric the children are. The stronger he is, the more children he can lift and tickle them. Of course, you figured out that when the kids are about to get the pinata, they get grabbed and tickled by the waking ogre. Of course, it screams, it screams and it laughs!!! Obviously, if the children come back without making a sound, it's a failure. Of course, that's not possible!

This game was recommended to us by a client, almost 7 years ago, I played it with my daughter's friends when she was 3 to 5 years old. From one year to the next, they were just waiting for this! While writing it, I realize how nostalgic I am for that time!

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