Game of rounds the missing object activities birthday child 6 years
Game of rounds the missing object activities birthday child 6 years
The missing object, or "Kim's game" for connoisseurs, is a classic! You can play it during a birthday, but also at the beach or on a rainy afternoon. It's a perfect activity to do with children from 6 years old! Obviously, if your birthday has a theme, do not hesitate to choose the figurines according to the desired theme.

- Let's make a round and sit cross-legged. I have ten items in this bag. I show them to you. I would like you to memorize them. I'm going to get a detective out of the way and hide in the next room. During this time, we will remove and hide three of the ten objects. Coming back, the detective will have to guess which objects have been hidden. Émile, you are our first detective.

"Detective out, detective out!"

— We remove the Playmobil policeman, the horse Papo and the rabbit from Les Petits malins, do you agree?

— Yeah.

- It is not necessary to say anything, it is included/understood. Let's call the detective.

“Detective, detective, detective!!!

— Emile, come to the center of the circle and remain standing. You must remember the objects presented before your departure. We removed 3 of them, try to remember at least one of them...

You can trick the detective by removing an object and replacing it with an object that does not come from the pouch.

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