5-year-old birthday game ideas: neither yes nor no
5-year-old birthday game ideas: neither yes nor no


Need an ideaoriginal animation to celebrate a birthday? Opt for a classic: the neither yes nor no birthday game ! This friendly and fun birthday activity is perfect for setting the mood and entertaining young and old alike (from 5 years) at your next party. Here, we are going to present (or remind you) the rules of the game, give you tips for success, as well as Ideas for neither yes nor no questions to spice up the game. So, don't wait any longer and find out how to make neither yes nor no the key event for your next birthday!

- Let's go around and sit cross-legged. I will nominate one of you. He will go to the center of the circle. We are going to ask him, each in turn, a whole bunch of questions. As diverse as possible. Under no circumstances should he answer YES or NO. This is the game of neither yes nor no ". Silence and gestures do not count as an answer! Are you ready ?

- Yeaaaaah.

- Then Jeanne, come to the center of the circle. Are you having fun?

Push the children to ask lots of questions to destabilize the child in the center of the circle. Do not hesitate to help the children alternate between questions that call for normal answers and questions that call for YES or NO.

If you need help, here are some ideas neither yes nor no questions perfect to put on:

- Everyone ready to play this game?
- Are you sure?
- Do you like chocolate?
- Do you have brothers or sisters ?
- Can you tell me what we're playing?
- You are too strong! Have you practiced playing this game?
- Do you like cake?
- Do you prefer chocolate or fruit cakes?
- You like animals ?
- Do you have any pets?
- Are you having fun?
- Did you have a party for your last birthday?
- Do you like to cook?
- Do you wear spark plugs on your birthday cake?

To try setting traps, repeat after them, changing their response a bit, for example:
- What is your Super hero prefer ?
- Supermaaaan!
- Ahhh Spiderman! He is great !

It's a classic and one of the 5 year old birthday games that we all love to do! So let's go !

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