Game idea for a 6-year-old child's birthday: the forbidden word
Game idea for a 6-year-old child's birthday: the forbidden word
Are you organizing an event for a birthday party? We have an idea for you! The forbidden word game is a complex and fun round game that will keep children from 6 years old busy for a good part of the afternoon! It will take a lot of concentration and self-control ... it's a game in which you will not have to be stubborn! 

- Let's make a round again and sit cross-legged. 1,2,3, everyone down! We are going to play "forbidden word".

- Ooooohh!

- I explain to you. I will designate a detective who will hide in the next room. Meanwhile, we will set a forbidden word. After choosing the word, we will call the detective who will have to find out this word. We will have to try to get him to pronounce it, without pronouncing it, by asking him all kinds of questions. If he utters it without having guessed that it was the forbidden word, he loses, and another detective goes out of rounds. If it finds the forbidden word by asking us "is the forbidden word...?" », he wins and can designate the new detective. You understood ?

— Yeah.

— So for this first round, I would like Emile to come out. "Detective out, detective out"!

"Shall we choose the word 'ice cream'?" Let's call the detective: "detective, detective"!

- Emile, we're going to ask you questions one after the other. Focus...

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