Original 4-year-old birthday games: my favorite characters
Original 4-year-old birthday games: my favorite characters


My favorite characters is a calm game to do between two games, during a child's birthday, or to do at the end of a birthday party, before the opening gifts birthday parties, for example, to calm everyone down. This birthday entertainment can last 10 to 15 minutes, because children (from 4 years old) all want to pass, even the most shy!

That's it, everyone's here! You let them settle in and take over (that was quick) and they seem to be comfortable now. There's time left before you blow out the birthday candles, so it's the perfect time to do thebirthday entertainment

- I would like everyone to sit in front of me. What are your favorite cartoons?

- Totoro, Mowgli, the Aristocats...

- I have, in this cover, images of your favorite characters. I'm going to ask you to stick your tongue out (act out the whole action as you explain it), swallow your tongue, and close your mouth. Now I will distribute magic keys (throw invisible keys) to you. Everyone has a key? Take your key, shut your mouth and throw away the key.

- Adrian, come to my side. I will put a character behind your back, you will turn around and show the image to your friends, then you will ask them questions that will allow you to guess who this character is. Please note that the answers to your questions can only be YES or NO. Everyone puts their hand in front of their mouth and not a word!

- It's a girl ? Does she live in the forest? Does she have Super powers ? (You will have to help him ask the questions.)

- Well done, here's the picture. Who wants to replace Adrian?

And so on, until the children run out or the stock of images runs out! Of course, you can trap them: put Snow White behind a boy's back and Spiderman behind a girl's back. It makes them laugh a lot!

Of course, it's very rare for friends to hold more than two questions without giving the answer, in which case, start again by changing the image.)

It is also very rare for children to find questions on their own, often out of shyness, they do not dare to ask the questions. Whisper in their ear or put them down (obviously you know the answer)! You will see, My favorite characters will become their new birthday entertainment favorite! And if you have a little time left after the birthday cake, do not hesitate to look for another birthday games idea on our blog!

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