Children's birthday game for all musical ages
Children's birthday game for all musical ages
When one is a child, even shy, one likes to sing and one likes to recite poems. The game "My songs to me" is equivalent to a quiet time. It's a moment of sharing (at least in the first minutes) of the game, a perfect birthday activity! Plus, it can be played at any age!

- I would like everyone to sit on the ground cross-legged in front of me. We will sing a few songs or tell a story. Who wants to start?

- Me me !

- I'll choose the one with the biggest cheeks. Margaux come next to me, you can bow and your audience will applaud you. What are you singing to us?

- A green mouse.

- I will help you.

- A green mouse…

- Cheer !!! Does anyone else want to sing something? And so on.

It is a calm and moving moment for the little ones. Some don't know how to bow, you have to teach them. Children love to be applauded by their friends. Sometimes they want to sing the same song. Sometimes they fight because the others accompany them and sometimes they don't dare to sing. For 7 or 8 year olds, it's a fun time when children put on a show in front of their friends. Do not hesitate to sing them songs that they all know to motivate them like Petit Papa Noël!

When all the children want to participate in a game, you can tell them that you will choose the one who sits best cross-legged, the one who raises their hand the highest, the one who sticks their tongue out the farthest, the one who makes the least noise... and pass them all by if there aren't too many of them.

If you are looking for birthday activities, theme or decoration ideas, we have created a little book for a great birthday! And in the meantime, find all our indispensable for a birthday party!

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