Ideas for 7-year-old children's birthday games: hands stack up
Ideas for 7-year-old children's birthday games: hands stack up


Are you organizing a birthday and you want a hellish atmosphere? We have something to offer you! L'birthday entertainment the stacking hands will be perfect for entertaining children from 7 years old! Better still, it will allow children to integrate very easily: a delight for the most shy!

- Let's make a very small circle and sit down, hugging each other. Do you know what happens when hands stack?

- Nah!

- What a mess! The goal is to stack the hands on top of each other as quickly as possible. I'm going to put my right hand on the ground. My neighbor on the right will put his right hand on mine, his neighbor will put his right hand on his… When all the right hands have been put down, I start again with my left hand and so on. When all hands are stacked, I will remove my right hand from the base of the stack and lay it on top. My neighbor will do the same, and so on. And all this as quickly as possible! Are you ready ?

- Yes!

- So let's go.

Newcomers can easily fit into the game. This is one of the reasons why it is very practical to start the party with this game. When the pile collapses, there is only to start again!

THE only difficulty in this game is to keep calm and avoid jostling... But it's still a birthday entertainment from hell! And if the kids still have energy to spare after that, you'll find another birthday games idea on our blog!

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