Idea easy and original birthday activities for birthday 7 years
Idea easy and original birthday activities for birthday 7 years


Birthday games are the best way to keep children busy and allow them to discuss and create memories together... Le bon ordre is an original round game perfect for a birthday entertainment, for children from 7 years old! In fact, he will ask for nothing more than sheets of paper, communication and coordination! Enough to keep the children busy for a good part of the afternoon, laughter guaranteed!

To play The Good Order for a anniversary. child, you must be at least 7 years old, because you have to know yourself well and know your friends very well. This game can last about ten minutes, it will depend on the concentration of the little guests!

- I would like us to do our rounds again. I will lay out some sheets of newspaper (or paper towel or white sheet) in front of you. I would like each of you to stand on your sheet. I am going to give you an indication and you will have to put yourself in good order based on this indication. You will only be able to move by walking on the leaves and you will only be able to talk to yourself in a low voice. Are you ready ?

- Yeah.

- I would like you to sit down from tallest to smallest. The starting point, and therefore the greatest, is Hugo. Be careful, only move on the sheets and whisper to give you the necessary information. Let's go…

Some examples of indication: age, first name initial, number of brothers and sisters, number of letters in the first name, length of hair, number of missing teeth, etc.

At the end, you can reward them with candy ! And if they want to keep having fun, you can find another birthday game idea on our blog! 

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